CIMA Resources

In addition to our regular publications, events, and our blog, CIMA offers a number of other resources that will be useful to anyone interested in media development issues. If you would like to see any additions to our set of resources, please feel free to contact us at

Donor Profiles

International donors, both public and private, play an essential role in media development worldwide. In order to better understand the work donors are facilitating around the world the Center for International Media Assistance, with support from the Open Society Foundations (OSF), surveyed these organizations. In each profile you will learn about the organization’s background, its current thematic priorities, details about funding, and in most cases a couple of examples that illustrate the types of media development projects they fund.

Media Development Organizations

There is a wide variety of organizations active in the international media assistance field. This list is organized by organizations’ primary roles in the media development field. Most of the descriptions are drawn directly from the organizations themselves.

Country Profiles

CIMA compiles data on media in countries around the world. This data is drawn from IREX's Media Sustainability Index, Freedom House's Freedom of the Press index, and Reporters Without Borders's Press Freedom Index. We provide a more complete picture of the media in each country by making these three indices comparable, as each survey measures slightly different aspects of press freedom.