Join CIMA’s Media Development Roster of Experts


CIMA is building a roster of consultants and experts who work on issues relevant to the field of media development and international media assistance. Academics, practitioners, civil society actors, and advocates working on media development issues  around the globe are encouraged to apply. Prior CIMA consultants who are interested in continuing to contribute to research and publication efforts are also encouraged to apply.

Acceptance to the roster does not guarantee consultant opportunities. Consultants who are admitted to the roster may be invited to submit research and publication proposals to the editorial team for consideration. For CIMA-led research and writing initiatives, roster members will be assessed according to the specific requirements of the opportunity, and shortlisted members will be contacted and requested to confirm their interest and availability.


-International Media Assistance (Official Development Assistance to media)
-Funding to the media in developing countries, including new funding models
-Internet Governance and Regulation
-Misinformation / Disinformation
-Media Sector Reform in Developing Countries
-Effectiveness of Media Development Programs
-Media Sustainability
-Digital News and New Information Ecosystems


Applicants will be asked to submit relevant prior research and publications as part of the review process, and are expected to possess the following qualifications:

-Expertise in one or more of CIMA’s core thematic areas
-Excellent report-writing skills and the ability to convey complex information in a logical, clear, and concise manner
-Experience as a media researcher or practitioner in one or more of the following regions: sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Central America, South America
-A track record of research and publications on issues related to CIMA’s core areas of work. Publications could include journal articles, white papers, op-eds, and research reports
-Ability to illustrate key points and data using graphics, charts, tables, or other visual means
-Professional fluency in English


Remuneration will be negotiated based on the duration and scope of the research and the length of the research publication.


In order to be considered for CIMA’s consultancy roster, individuals should respond to this form.