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The Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) is dedicated to improving U.S. efforts to promote independent media in developing countries around the world.

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Who we are:


The Center for International Media Assistance is a research and knowledge platform that aims to improve the effectiveness of media development around the world.


What we do:


The Center provides information, builds networks, conducts research, and highlights the indispensable role media play in the creation and development of sustainable democracies.


CIMA convenes donors, implementers, academics, journalists and other stakeholders in the media development community. Housed at the National Endowment for Democracy, CIMA coordinates working groups and discussions, and commissions reports and commentary on critical issues to the field.

Official Development Assistance for Media: Figures and Findings

CIMA's latest report, in partnership with the OECD, examines the recent history of major donor support for media, using snapshots of recent OECD data to paint a picture of how industrialized democracies have sought to incorporate this issue within the broader development architecture.

CIMA Launches Media Development Support Donor Survey

CIMA is launching a Media Development Support Donor Survey to identify donor priorities and trends and to help paint a broad picture of the media development support landscape. CIMA will publish a series of summaries of donor support profiles, and conclude with a report synthesizing the findings. The project is co-sponsored by the Open Society Foundations.


On Thursday, March 26, police and lawyers from Zimbabwe’s largest mobile phone operator raided The Source’s office, going through e-mails and other documents and downloading them onto a flash drive, the Reuters news agency reported.

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