Global Journalism Education: A Missed Opportunity for Media Development?

The Center for International Media Assistance is pleased to release Global Journalism Education: A Missed Opportunity for Media Development? by long-time university journalism educator Charles C. Self.

This is the first in a series of occasional briefing papers entitled "CIMA Insights," which will present the research and informed views of experts in various aspects of the media development field.

Strengthening Freedom of Expression in a Multicultural World

The Center for International Media Assistance, in partnership with the Media Diversity Institute, hosted a discussion on June 9 in Washington, DC, to debate whether limits exist, or if they should exist, on freedom of expression and the media in multicultural societies.


In a week where the headlines out of Burma were dominated by the final nail on the coffin of Aung San Suu Kyi’s presidential ambitions, little attention is being paid to the government’s all-out assault on the independent media company Eleven Media Group.

What is Media Development?

The term “media development” refers to evolution and change in the fields of news media and communications. This evolution can be stimulated by donor support, private investment, or indigenous processes of change led by media owners, managers, journalists, or other players such as media industry associations, or other collective efforts.


Press Freedom Scores


Vietnam has one of the world's most repressive media environments. Despite strong economic growth and warming ties withe US, there are no signs of improvement in the country. Check out what the major media freedom indices have to say. (All scores are adjusted to a 1-100 scale)

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