Latin American Network Adds Pressure to Media Reform in the Region

For much of the past two years, CIMA, in collaboration with Deutsche Welle Akademie, has been fostering a global series of regional consultations that bring together civil society and media watchdog NGOs, broadcast regulators, academics, media industry representatives, government officials, and others in the media and development sectors to help diagnose the problems facing independent media. The process has spawned additional action by other civil society organizations, which CIMA heartily welcomes. The most recent development in this area took place in Santiago, Chile, on October 5, when 15 organizations formed an alliance for diversity and pluralism in communications (Alianza por la Diversidad y el Pluralismo en la Comunicación).

The International Community in Ethiopia is Wrong: It Can Do Much More to Protect Ethiopian Journalists and Freedom of Speech

Ambassadors and heads of agencies are undoubtedly concerned about such democratic restrictions, but feeling they have no other options carry out a tactful and quiet approach to diplomacy that does not jeopardize their joint interests with Ethiopia in security and commerce, or put at risk substantial aid portfolios that do genuinely hold the livelihoods of millions of Ethiopians in the balance. But they are wrong to think that they cannot do more.

A Marriage of Convenience : Looking at the new Donor-Journalism Relationship

The influence that advertisers and owners have on the editorial line has been well documented, but what happens when the funder is a well-meaning foundation that is on a mission to change the world?

A Regional Consultation in Southeast Asia: Looking for Leadership

Although southeast Asia has experienced greater governmental integration in recent decades through the evolution of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the region’s freedom of expression and human rights activists remain fractured due, in part, to differences in language, political contexts, and a lack of supportive regional institutional structures.

Putting Research to Work: Scholars and Practitioners Discuss Greater Collaboration

The workshop was held at the University of Westminster in London and was an official pre-conference event for the 2016 International Association of Media and Communication Researchers (IAMCR) conference in Leicester, UK. We were joined by over 60 academics from 22 countries on four continents, representing universities, research centers, and implementing organizations.

What is Media Development?

The term “media development” refers to evolution and change in the fields of news media and communications. This evolution can be stimulated by donor support, private investment, or indigenous processes of change led by media owners, managers, journalists, or other players such as media industry associations, or other collective efforts.


Press Freedom Scores


In Montenegro, business leaders and government pressure independent media. The government tends to play favorites towards certain public media outlets. In addition, right to access is not always respected, especially with regards to government corruption incidents. Check out what the major media freedom indices have to say. (All scores are adjusted to a 0-100 scale).

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