OUR LATEST EVENT: The Politics of Media Development

What does it mean for media development practitioners to engage politically, to build coalitions for reform, and to work with political actors to get results? Are there tools that we can use to make reforms happen? How can media development community better engage in the broader development agenda? Watch our renowned experts from the development field discuss these topics.

The Politics of Media Development

The Center for International Media Assistance is pleased to release The Politics of Media Development: The Importance of Engaging Government and Civil Society, By Paul Rothman of CIMA’s staff. This paper outlines the key role of political support, the need for more nuanced understanding of political context, and how donors and implementers can more effectively engage drivers of change in the public sector to build support for media and media development work.


CPJ’s latest report, “Balancing Act: Press Freedom at Risk as EU Struggles to March Action with Values,” highlights the challenges that the major EU institutions—the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, and the Court of Justice—face when it comes to press freedom.

What is Media Development?

The term “media development” refers to evolution and change in the fields of news media and communications. This evolution can be stimulated by donor support, private investment, or indigenous processes of change led by media owners, managers, journalists, or other players such as media industry associations, or other collective efforts.


Press Freedom Scores


Egypt's media environment continues to deteriorate under the government of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Most recently, the government adopted a new anti-terrorism law that many fear will be used to silence the media. See what the major indices have to say about the media environment in the country. (Scores are adjusted to a 0-100 scale)

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