Media Feast, News Famine: Ten Global Advertising Trends That Threaten Independent Journalism

Even as citizens feast on an growing buffet of digital media choices, there is an increasing famine of credible, thorough, and independent nationally-focused news reporting. The former masks the latter as people worldwide now have access to an unlimited amount of entertainment through a wide variety of channels and as governments exert more comprehensive and nuanced control over media. Better connected globally, but less informed locally, citizens living in these media environments may not recognize when their rights to be informed about their government and their society are being compromised.

In “Media Feast, News Famine, Ten Global Advertising Trends that Threaten Independent Journalism,” Michelle Foster looks at the sobering implications for national news media of the growing dominance of global players on digital and mobile platforms. The report also explores how those working to support independent media around the world can help to ensure that local and national news media can continue to thrive in the changing advertising environment.

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