Research Network

As a knowledge platform for the international media development community, CIMA works to build a foundation of knowledge for media development donors, implementers, and civil society actors on best practices and solutions for improving media systems. One way CIMA seeks to build greater knowledge is by building a bridge between the academic researchers and media development practitioners. CIMA hopes that bridging the scholar-practitioner divide will encourage partnerships, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing that can help improve media development approaches, strengthen outcomes, and inform demand-driven research agendas.

Annual IAMCR Pre-Conference

CIMA co-organizes an annual pre-conference at the International Association of Media and Communications Researchers (IAMCR) Annual Conference and we coordinate a Media Development Research Network Google Group. More information can be found below.

Read about the 2017 IAMCR Pre-Conference – and why media development needs a community of scholars

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Media Development Research Network Google Group

Interested in joining the Media Development Scholars Network Google Group? Click here!

This Google Group is intended to encourage sharing of research, relevant event announcements, calls for papers, and funding opportunities, as well as to promote networking between researchers and media development practitioners from all over the world.