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Daniel O'Maley

26 May

Balancing Act: Newsworthiness, Privacy, and the “Right to be Forgotten”

Among the many controversies roiling our digital information spaces these days, content restrictions are undoubtedly the mo...

30 Aug

Who watches the watchdog? Why media ownership concentration is never front-page news

When a small group of political or economic elites controls the mass media, they effectively monopolize the channels throug...

14 Aug

US Government Media Assistance Funding Increased in 2016

US government assistance to media freedom and freedom of information around the world rose sharply in 2016, with the larges...

06 Jul

Mission Creep: The Expanding Scope of the “Right to Be Forgotten”

Two recent judicial rulings in Spain and Brazil have significantly expanded the scope of the Right to be Forgotten in ways ...

30 Mar

Tracking Media Development Donor Support: An Update on 2016 Funding Levels

Tracking donor efforts to support media development is fundamental to assessing whether enough resources are being directed...

26 Oct

Open Internet Principles for Democracy: Putting Media Freedom Front and Center

Last year the editor of Abia Facts Newspaper, a small, local news platform in Nigeria was arrested at his home on charges o...

16 Aug

Multistakeholder Internet Governance Under Attack in Brazil

Once a shining example of the power of socioeconomic inclusion and the effectiveness of strengthening civic participation, ...

29 Jun

Political Bots are Skewing our News Diet

Was one of the news headlines you scrolled past on your social media feed today shared by a bot? Depending on the platform ...

08 May

Shifting Trends in Media Development Support: A Twitter conversation with Shanthi Kalathil

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