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How Government Attacks on the Press Exacerbated the Devastation of the Earthquakes in Turkey
By Veysel Ok Two earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria on February 6, devastating the lives of nearly 26 million people. According to official data, over 46,000 people have died as a result of the earthquakes and entire cities were wiped off the map. The World Health Organization (WHO) called the quakes the “worst natural disaster […]
Investing in Facts: How the Business Community Can Support a Healthy Infosphere
In this joint report by the Center for International Media Assistance and the Center for International Private Enterprise, Marius Dragomir identifies entry points for the private sector to support a healthy information space.
Nigeria’s Elections: A Repressed Press at the Polls
By Senami Kojah As the largest democracy in Africa and the most populous Black nation on Earth, all eyes are on Nigeria’s 2023 general elections, which can serve as a bellwether for regional politics. Journalists across the country are preparing themselves for heightened tensions at the polls due to an electioneering period characterized by violence […]
Toward an inclusive approach to supporting media freedom
By Martin Scott, Mel Bunce, and Mary Myers In the past five years, the number of intergovernmental initiatives supporting media freedom has increased significantly. Major examples include the Media Freedom Coalition (MFC), the International Partnership for Information and Democracy and most recently, the US-led Summit for Democracy. This growing constellation of international initiatives is a […]
Year in Review: Top 5 CIMA Publications of 2022
In 2022, independent media around the world faced some of the greatest threats seen in recent years. Global crises—including the Russian invasion of Ukraine, extreme violence in Mexico, and instability in Haiti—have contributed to a more hostile environment for independent reporting, including a reversal of the years-long global decline in journalist killings. Despite this troubling […]
Fighting SLAPPs: What Can Media, Lawyers, and Funders Do?
Strategic lawsuits against public participation, or SLAPPs, are lawsuits taken against media organizations or activists with the sole purpose of silencing them. Cases are reported in increasing numbers across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The damage done by SLAPPs is far-reaching and curbing it is an imperative for media freedom.
Covering the Authoritarian Playbook: How Coda Story Gets to the Root of Global Crises
For years, Russia has been refining its digital authoritarian playbook, taking advantage of technological advancements to silence the regime’s opponents at home and abroad. The information war that accompanied its invasion of Ukraine has shined a stark light on the corrosive effects of these strategies on the information space not only in Russia, but also […]
Windows of Opportunity: Media Reform During Political Openings
Windows of Opportunity: Media Reform During Political Openings Wednesday, December 7, 2022 9:45 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. EST featuring Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Lisa Peterson, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, U.S. Department of State and a conversation with Antonina Cherevko, Media lawyer and international development expert Saloua Ghazouani Oueslati, Regional Director, Tunisia & MENA, Article 19 Tarik […]
'Alternative Means': How Civil Society in Southern Africa Can Combat Impunity
Most killers of journalists walk free. The statistics are staggering: worldwide, almost nine out of 10 cases of journalist killings are met with impunity. To mark the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists and the tenth anniversary of the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of […]
Rebalancing the Relationship Between Big Tech and News Media
As the global journalism industry struggles to adapt to shrinking revenue brought on by the failure of traditional business models, Big Tech companies continue to dominate the digital advertising market. This uneven playing field has led policymakers in the US, EU, and Australia to attempt to rebalance the relationship between Big Tech and news organizations—but […]