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Year In Review: Top 5 CIMA Publications of 2021
2021 has been a dangerous year for independent media. A record number of journalists are in jail and two thirds of all countries have exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to impose restrictions on media. At the same time, news outlets have found ways to survive and produce hard-hitting journalism in even the bleakest of circumstances. CIMA’s […]
CIMA Q&A with Yohannes Eneyew Ayalew: The Dangers of Media “Ethnification” in Ethiopia
By CIMA Staff In a year of civil war, thousands of Ethiopians have been killed, millions have been forced from their homes, and all parties to the conflict have committed heinous atrocities which may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, according to the latest joint probe of the United Nations and the Ethiopian […]
Disinformation-for-hire: The Pollution of News Ecosystems and Erosion of Public Trust
Disinformation-for-hire is a booming industry in which private marketing, communications, and public relations firms are paid to sow discord by spreading false information and manipulating content online. Since 2018, more than 65 private companies in 48 different countries have emerged offering these services. Their tactics include using a combination of artificial intelligence and cheap manual labor to create batches of fake social media accounts, spread […]
Twitter as a Newsgathering Tool: Challenges and Possibilities for Independent Media
Social media platforms are having profound impacts on the practice of journalism, which now involves a complex interplay of technologies, journalistic routines, and media economies. Platforms like Twitter are particularly important for news outlets in developing countries and emerging democracies. Easy access to a wide array of sources enables newsrooms with shoestring budgets and limited […]
Contracorriente: cómo un medio de comunicación hondureño sobrevive a un entorno mediático hostil
Para la versión en inglés, consulte aquí. Las advertencias llegaron a través de intermediarios: amigos y conocidos. A Jennifer Ávila y su equipo de Contracorriente se les dijo que sus reportajes sobre los arreglos fuera del país de los políticos y las élites hondureñas, según lo revelado por los Papeles de Pandora, los meterían en […]
Contracorriente: How One Honduran News Outlet Survives a Hostile Media Environment
For the Spanish version, see here. The warnings came through intermediaries: friends and acquaintances. Jennifer Ávila and her team at Contracorriente were told that their reporting on the offshore dealings of Honduran politicians and elites, as revealed by the Pandora Papers, would get them in trouble. “Many of them used intermediaries to communicate with us, […]
El periodismo independiente amenazado por la creciente industria del malware espía
El periodismo independiente amenazado por la creciente industria del malware espía Martes,16 de noviembre 3:00pm – 4:15pm CDMX / UIO Panelistas Paloma de Dinechin, periodista de Forbidden Stories (Francia) Luis Garcia, Director Ejecutivo R3D (México) Cristian León, Director Ejecutivo Fundación Internet Bolivia (Bolivia) Moderadora: Dagmar Thiel, CEO Fundamedios USA (moderadora) Introducción:Daniel O’Maley, Investigador de política pública digital de […]
Tipping Point: Democratic Erosion and the Assault on Press Freedom
The majority of people now live under illiberal regimes or some form of autocracy as a consequence of democratic declines occurring globally since 2010. Understanding the driving forces behind this historic setback to democratic progress will be essential for turning the tide. An analysis of media indicators in the Varieties of Democracy Institute’s global index […]