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Bolstering Caribbean Media Support: The Vicious Circle of Viability
By Kiran Maharaj Small island states and developing nations face many existential threats. The most daunting is perhaps the threat to independent media and investigative journalism. With shrinking economies further exacerbated by the pandemic, newsrooms are beleaguered. Media capture can jeopardize editorial independence and deny the public’s right to know. Many international donors, recognizing the […]
World Press Freedom Day 2022: Top Digital Repression Reads
In honor of World Press Freedom Day on May 3, journalists, activists, and media experts are gathering in Uruguay for UNESCO’s annual conference. The theme of this year’s conference is “Digital Journalism Under Siege,” with discussions centered on freedom of expression, journalist safety, and access to information in the digital era. Although the digital sphere […]
Online Violence against Women: In Whose Hands Are Journalists Safe?
By Lourdes Walusala A couple of years ago, I lost my first child due to a pregnancy-related complication. This experience ignited my passion for advocating for maternal health, and so I started producing health programs on the radio. I also threw myself into blogging to reach wider audiences with information that can save lives. In […]
Fomentando la Sustentabilidad de los Medios: Lecciones Aprendidas de Velocidad—una Entrevista de CIMA con Vanina Berghella
Por CIMA Staff Para la versión en inglés, consulte aquí. El Center for International Media Assistance se ha enfocado durante mucho tiempo en promover la sustentabilidad de los medios independientes en todo el mundo como uno de sus valores fundamentales y áreas de actividad. Un proyecto llamado Velocidad sirve como un claro ejemplo de los esfuerzos […]
Fostering Media Sustainability: Lessons Learned from Velocidad—a CIMA Q&A with Vanina Berghella
By CIMA Staff For the Spanish version, see here. The Center for International Media Assistance has long focused on promoting the sustainability of independent media worldwide as one of its core values and areas of activity. A current project called Velocidad serves as a clear example of efforts by international donors to foster the economic sustainability […]
"Television and the Afghan Culture Wars:" An Analysis of Media and Nation Building
By Noah Arjomand In August 2021, the Taliban upended two decades of international media development efforts in Afghanistan. Both the press and the entertainment industry had been relative success stories amid an otherwise bleak landscape of a corrupt and ineffective donor-dependent state and persistent poverty and violence. The progress made during those years, the tensions […]
Derechos Digitales y Democracia: Censura en Internet en Venezuela
Por David Aragort Para la versión en inglés, consulte aquí. Durante los últimos años Venezuela ha experimentado diversas crisis en las que el acceso a información confiable y oportuna ha sido fundamental, pero no siempre posible. En 2019, los cortes eléctricos a nivel nacional afectaron la mayor parte de la infraestructura de telecomunicaciones del país, incluyendo […]
Digital Rights and Democracy: Online Censorship in Venezuela
By David Aragort For the Spanish version, see here. In recent years, Venezuela has experienced many crises during which access to reliable and timely information has been essential, but not always possible. In 2019, nationwide power outages affected most of the country’s telecommunications infrastructure, including services that allow financial transactions, making electronic transfers and debit card […]
The Facebook Papers: How Authoritarian Governments Are Pressuring Platforms to Stifle Free Speech
By Gideon Sarpong Last year’s avalanche of media stories about Meta (formerly Facebook), capped by revelations from the whistleblower Frances Haugen, a former product manager for the company, has put a spotlight on Facebook and how the platform could exercise greater transparency to allow citizens to have access to high quality and independent information. The […]