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Rosemary D'Amour

08 Oct

New BBG Survey Reveals Broader Accessibility Issues for Internet in Africa

The environment for access to the Internet is changing rapidly, and Sub-Saharan Africa is a prime example. Zimbabwe, Kenya,...

22 Sep

State of Broadband 2015: Internet, Mobile Growth Rate Slowing

Fifty-seven percent of the world’s population lacks access to the Internet. For those who work in the Global South, this ...

17 Jul

The Next Billion: Internet Governance Forum USA

So what will be the obstacles to getting just the next billion online? The question was debated at the annual U.S. Internet...

02 Jul

New report: The “dark side” of media development

Media development, as we define it at CIMA, encompasses more than interventions and investment by donors and implementers i...

10 Jun

Storify: Strengthening Freedom of Expression in Multicultural Societies

[View the story “Strengthening Freedom of Expression in a Multicultural World” on Storify]

14 May

Google’s Transparency Report Reveals Data on “Right to Be Forgotten”

Google’s latest transparency report, updated today, includes a much-debated policy that has far-reaching implications for...

29 Apr

Freedom of the Press 2015: New Report

Press freedom has declined to its lowest point in more than ten years—an unfortunately common figure we’ve seen in Free...

21 Apr

Standardizing Censorship: The World’s 10 Most Censored Countries

The Committee to Protect Journalists analyzes the global trends in press freedom each year, chronicling both individual sto...

12 Mar

What is media development? Lessons learned from the field

This week, CIMA hosted a panel of experts from around the media development community to engage in a debate about where the...