Non-Profit Journalism Centers: A Model for Export?

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Over the last decade, news outlets throughout the world have been forced to reevaluate their business models. Whether because of increasing competition from new, Internet-based news sources or difficulties in selling advertising in these new media formats, traditional media are forced to look for new ways to do business and build revenue. A handful of organizations throughout the world have proven that the non-profit journalism model can thrive, but they are often driven by philanthropic ventures where long-term support comes with a variety of operating conditions.

How can we make non-profit journalism sustainable? Is this a business model that we should consider more seriously for developing countries? If so, what can the media development field do to better promote this model? Please join the Center for International Media Assistance for a Brown-Bag Lunch at the Open Gov Hub for a discussion about non-profit journalism and its implications on the business of media today.

OpenGov Hub
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM (EDT)
Washington, DC

Speakers include:

  • Chuck Lewis, Founder, the Center for Public Integrity
  • Dick Tofel, Founding General Manager, ProPublica
  • Tim Carrington, Author of CIMA Report, “The Case of Malaysiakini”
  • Mark Nelson, Senior Director, Center for International Media Assistance (moderator)

The event is part of the OpenGov Hub’s Brown-Bag Lunch (BBL) series, so please feel free to bring your lunch along.