The Role of Cell Phones in Carrying News and Information

The purpose of the discussion was to explore the following questions: Where and how are cell phones being used as a medium of communication for news and information? Who is using them to receive information? How are journalists and NGOs integrating them into their work? What are potential mobile technologies, and how soon will they become reality? What strategies and innovative approaches for using cell phones are being considered, and which will have the greatest impact? Which have been unsuccessful and why? How can stakeholders address the challenges of using mobile technology in their work, such as cost and scaling up initiatives, policy and regulation barriers, and assessing solid outcomes?

The ultimate goal of the workshop was to formulate recommendations for funders, policymakers, and implementers on strategies for using mobile technology in conveying news and information. 

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Katrin Verclas Presentation

Raul Roman Presentation

Ken Banks Presentation

Usha Venkatachallam Presentation