The Video Revolution

CIMA is pleased to release its latest report, The Video Revolution, by veteran journalist and freelance editorial consultant Jane Sasseen. The video revolution is part of the broader revolution of social media and citizen journalism that has swept the news media in recent years–and the impact of the two cannot be separated. Citizen journalists across the globe are using blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other new tools to spread articles, blog posts, videos, and photos of news happening in their countries. The new video journalists use these broader tools as well, taking full advantage of social media to share their videos and tell their stories to a wider audience. This report traces the dramatic rise in the use of crowd-sourced video and examines how this is affecting the international news media landscape. It offers recommendations for the media development community for harnessing the power–while mitigating the dangers­­–of citizen-shot video.

Download the full report here.

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