U.S. Universities and Media Development

CIMA is pleased to release U.S. Universities and Media Development, by Anne Nelson, a veteran journalist and journalism educator. U.S. universities have long been partners in international media development, but in the past, universities tended to work within narrowly defined categories of media assistance, largely centered on journalism training.

U.S. Universities and Media Development argues that sweeping technological and social changes have disrupted the profession of journalism, and many journalism programs have retrenched, cutting back on international activities to concentrate on their domestic programs. Others have taken the opposite approach, seeking new international partnerships to increase revenue through grants and tuition. Much of the most dynamic activity is taking place in university departments that are new to the field of media development.

American universities that would like to participate in this new world will need to replicate some of the spirit of the new culture. The report recommends that new centers for media research and development be interdisciplinary from the start, not trapped within the walls of former departments.

If you have any information about this topic that was not included in this report, please share it with us!

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