Understanding Data: Can News Media Rise to the Challenge?

CIMA is pleased to release Understanding Data: Can News media Rise to the Challenge? by Tara Susman-Peña, senior research officer for the Internews Center for Innovation and Learning. Worldwide, data in digital form is being produced at a dizzying pace, not only by governments, academic institutions, and private enterprises gathering it for their own uses but also as a by-product of millions of routine interactions on computers, cellphones, GPS devices, and other digital tools. Data is rapidly exploding in quantities far vaster than the capacity of civil society, commercial entities, and individual citizens to make sense of it. This presents an opportunity for news media to play an important role in helping to analyze and digest all this information through the practice of data journalism, also referred to as “computer-assisted reporting,” “data-driven journalism,” or “precision journalism.” It also presents an opportunity for the media development sector to have a notable impact on human development by equipping journalists and media institutions with the ability to make sense of data for citizens. The report examines the implications of the rise of data journalism for the media development field.

Download a listing of data journalism resources compiled by IJNET and GIJN.

Download the full report here.

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