Can Digital Media Break Through in Cuba?

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Wednesday, September 14
12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. EST
(Lunch will be provided)

National Endowment for Democracy
1025 F Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20004

Panelists Include:
Anne Nelson, Columbia University, author of CIMA report
Mariela Machado, Engineering for Change, member of research team
Hugo Landa, Cubanet
Aimel Rios Wong, National Endowment for Democracy (Moderator)

Event Description:

The Cuban government’s heavy-handed censorship practices are well documented, and evident in the virtual absence of independent print and broadcast journalism. Yet recently, many Cubans have shown themselves remarkably well informed about the outside world, in ways that cannot be explained by their traditional media offerings. This newfound benefit is the result of a parallel world of digital media, supported by ingenious Cuban workarounds.

In a new CIMA report, Anne Nelson analyzes the findings and implications of two years of research, including extensive field work and on-the-ground surveys across the island. How has the Cuban population overcome decades of censorship, poor infrastructure, and limited data and Internet access to build a surprisingly vibrant information network? What might the digital future look like if Cuba works to modernize and join the global economy? And how can the media development community learn from – and potentially apply – similar approaches in other regions facing limited infrastructure and erratic electrical grids?

Please join us as we explore these questions and the implications of CIMA’s latest report, “Cuba’s Parallel Worlds: Digital Media Crosses the Divide.”