Captured News Media: The Case of Turkey

Why are so many countries failing to create independent media that contribute to democracy and economic progress?  That is a big and complex question, but we at the Center for International Media Assistance suggest that one piece of the answer may be found in a concept known as media capture.

Media capture is a systemic governance problem where political leaders and media owners work together in a symbiotic but mutually corrupting relationship: Media owners provide supportive news coverage to political leaders in exchange for favorable government treatment of their businesses and political interests.

We are pleased to publish Captured News Media: The Case of Turkey by Andrew Finkel, a veteran journalist based in Turkey. His paper is part of CIMA’s ongoing research into the phenomenon of media capture through which we hope to contribute to a greater awareness of this type of media system, to understand how it operates, and to ascertain what the media development community can do about it.

Download the full report here.

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