Empowering Independent Media: U.S. Efforts to Foster Free and Independent News Around the World

CIMA’s 2008 Inaugural Report provides an in-depth assessment of U.S. international media development efforts, both public and private, and calls on future efforts to be more long-term, comprehensive, and need-driven. The U.S., through government and private sector initiatives, spends at least $142 million annually on media development efforts in countries around the world.

Media assistance is increasingly being regarded as a fundamental building block in developing democratic states. These efforts can help countries make democratic transitions, spur economic growth, improve government accountability, conduct public health campaigns, increase education and literacy levels, and empower women and minorities.

Recommending a more holistic approach, the report looks at the international media development field from a number of perspectives:

  • funding
  • professional development
  • education
  • the legal-enabling environment
  • economic sustainability
  • media literacy
  • new media
  • monitoring and evaluation

Empowering Independent Media was the culmination of CIMA’s work since its inception in late 2006, and draws upon its reports, working group discussions, meetings, and additional research on topics including the public and private funding of projects, financial sustainability of independent media outlets, global investigative journalism, community radio development, among others.

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