CIMA Audience Feedback 2014: Going Forward

At CIMA, we aim to raise the visibility and improve the effectiveness of media development around the world. Over the next year, we’re looking to improve our own effectiveness in engaging our audience-delivering to you both the type and format of content you need.

In order to do this, we need help from our audience. We need your feedback, so we’re conducting a survey of our existing products to gauge your level of engagement and satisfaction, and we want your input on what we could be doing better. We work with a diverse range of media development practitioners, donors, implementers, academics, journalists, policy makers, and others, all of whom offer a unique perspective. We value that perspective, and so we ask you to complete a brief 9-question survey to help us inform our practices.

This survey is both voluntary and anonymous. We’ll be posting this survey to our mailings, through social media, and on our website, to get as diverse a range of opinions as possible. We encourage you to share this with others who have an interest in media development, and please don’t be shy about reaching out if there are issues you’d like to see us cover.

We appreciate any time you can offer us! Again, you can find our five-minute survey here: 

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