Top Reads of the Week: CIMA’s Digital Media Mashup

Each week, CIMA compiles what we see as the most interesting and thought-provoking pieces on news and trends in digital media, known as the Digital Media Mashup. To get this mailing in your inbox, subscribe here. You can also see other top reads from CIMA’s DMM at IJNet’s blog.

Here are the headlines from this week’s top reads:

Media embracing digital TV with strings attached (Reuters, 1/8)

ESPN’s announcement that it would be offering a viewing package through streaming service Sling TV is a first for the network—and also perhaps indicative of a larger migration to digital services. The move is raising questions about how long traditional subscription-based television through cable networks can last.

HuffPost CEO Jimmy Maymann: ‘A great year for digital media’ (DigiDay, 1/5)

Maymann spoke with Digiday to offer predictions for digital media in 2015, arguing that as a medium, “It’s growing on all fronts.”

The Future Digital Media in 2015 (TechCrunch, 1/4)

2014 marked a year of massive investment in digital media, and 2015 looks to follow along the same lines. Major trends to watch: the rise of video platforms, the shift to stand-alone television subscription (think HBO and CBS), and traditional media think digital-first to reach younger, mobile audiences.

Online outlets showed Hebdo images but offline media didn’t. Why? (Gigaom, 1/8)

GigaOm notices a trend in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack: nearly all of the outlets who did not show the cartoon images of the satirical French magazine were traditional media, and nearly all of the outlets who did post the images were based online.

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